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multiple password protected pages
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Registered User
2020-11-13 15:03:40

First of all thanks for this great program, i'm getting to get used to it more and more, but....

i want to setup a "site" that is fully protected by a password.

What i did was i've setup the index.html page with the password security. That creates a index.php, and login.php page.

I created a user on that site.

When i start the standard http:\\\index.html i get the landing page for login. But when i try one one the subpages that has the same password setup, i get the page directly and am not forwarded to the loging page. I never logged on through the first page, so there can't be a cached pw.

Also nice that there is a way the logout, but that involves java scriptant, and that is not allowed in the free version....

any help is welcome

2020-11-14 07:22:07

Hm, that's strange. Maybe you have something wrong with your setup. You could send me the .rcd file and I can take a look. See on this website support -> contact, there is also an email address printed at the bottom.

Registered User
2020-12-13 11:12:59

Hi Niko,
thanks for the reply and sorry for my late response.
I just created a new site and worked perfectly.

SO i went back to the other site and checked again. Couldn't see why it was wrong. I have the password box on every page. I noticed the .html wan't changed to .php.

I removed the password box and added it form new. The extention changed to .php.

I tried copied the password field to another page and that shows the password field, but doesn't change the extention to .php, therefore no password page.....

Guess that is the problem in my case. Maybe a change in the next update ?

Also as mentioned before, is there a logoff function possible in the "free" version ?

thanks for the great programm,


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