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Master Page Title and Content not in Sub Pages
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Registered User
2020-11-12 17:07:10

I may be missing something. I seem to have to add the page Title and keyword content on each page when using a Master Page. Is this correct? I would have expected the sub pages to receive the Title and Keyword content from the Master Page.

2020-11-13 07:30:15

Yes, that's right, when your page uses a Master page, then the keywords and title are taken from your client page, not the master page, of course.

Otherwise every page would have the same title and the same keywords.

I guess maybe there is a use case where you want it the other way round, but for most use cases, and especially for SEO and similar, you would usually want every page to have a different title and keywords.

Registered User
2020-11-13 10:06:17

Thanks for that, thought it might be the case but wondered if there was a switch somewhere, maybe there should be one.

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