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Horizontal Menu not Wrapping
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Registered User
2020-11-07 16:59:01

I and new to this application. I can't seem to find out how to get a navigation menu to wrap when the browser windows is reduced in size before it gets to a mobile phone size. I have a desktop full width menu, 9 menu options, which works fine but when the browser window is reduced no bottom scroll bar appears and the menu is not wrapped to fit the screen size.but the rest of the page is. I would expect it to wrap to two lines. What am I doing wrong?

Registered User
2020-11-08 10:27:10

AFAIK, the menu doesn't support wrapping, unfortunately.

Registered User
2020-11-08 12:49:05

Thanks, needed an answer but didn't really want that one. I will have to build an external menu and then plug it in somehow.

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