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Is it possible make one skeleton for multiple models?

Registered User
2020-10-25 22:35:40

I have many character models, all them have same animations like moving, jumping etc. Is it possible to make like I will make animations for one character and then I can copy animations to other models?

I was playing with these variables, but God that didn't help me

CL3D.AnimatedMeshSceneNode -> Mesh -> AllJoints
CL3D.AnimatedMeshSceneNode -> Mesh -> RootJoints - both characters with same animations have in this array same data, similar 100%

As I understood in CopperLicht/CopperCube animation works with the skeleton, then it is probably possible to create something like:

model A has (skeleton + animations)
model B has (skeleton)
model C has (skeleton)
model Z has (skeleton)

and then if I want to animate model Z I can copy animations from model A.

Give me pls any info, maybe it will help me, or maybe it even impossible

On the video the left character has like skeleton inside and the my question if possible to make like the left character will have animations, but for the right character I will copy/clone with CopperLicht


Registered User
2020-10-26 12:13:38

I solved it myself Unreal

Why it was very important for me.

Right now a character with 10 animations has size around 900 kb. If I want to add 20 characters (different types, but I have same skeleton for all) then I need to make these 10 animations for each character and I will have size around 18mb.

a character without animations has size around 300kb, so I have right now a character with 900kb and 19 characters with 300kb (approximately) and total I have 0.9mb + (19*0.3mb) = 6.6 mb

So now I can create any character dynamically and assign animations for this created character

2021-04-17 16:47:32

That's really nice to have for mobile devices

Did you turn the code into a JavaScript plugin ???

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