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Specular, Normal, Roughness, AO Maps
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Registered User
2020-10-23 12:11:17

Hi, I making the design of a level and I am wondering how can I set custom maps like normal, specular and etc. please domei-me help

2020-10-25 08:55:10

As far as I know only normal maps as the 2nd texture can be used (apart from internal light maps).

Coppercube cant use any others like specular, roughness or AO etc..

anyone know of a way then let us all know but I doubt it.
You select normal map from the drop down menu.

2020-11-18 09:13:48

There is a way of assigning specular properties to materials, by using the IrrEdit/Irrlicht tools. If you don't have that option available, go to Tools > Options > Editor and check the "Show IrrEdit/Irrlicht tools", then, restart CopperCube, go to View and you'll have the option available. To assign specularity, go to Materials in the IrrEdit/Irrlicht tools and set shininess to 100 and choose the specular color. The downside of this is that CopperCube doesn't natively support pixel lighting, only vertex lighting, so if you want to get better specularity you'll have to increase the amount of polygons on your object, And it's also not possible to apply specularity and roughness to normal maps, unfortunately.

Registered User
2020-11-20 19:18:55

Hello everybody,

As demonstrated in this short video (23 seconds / 12 MB) uploaded on Movavi Cloud (link is and valid during 30 days), Coppercube offers a decent quality in its real time rendering.

Indeed the "IrrEdit Irrlicht Property Pane" is a very useful tool to finetune the texturing of the static or animated meshes.

I spent a few days to create this animated figure with those applications :

- Original avatar : Genesis from Daz Studio 4 Pro (please note that license fees are to be paid if that figure would be distributed in a video game. Currently I use it for my private projects).
- High resolution UV mapping (up to 6K) created with the free Paint.Net and using the original textures provided in Daz Studio.
- I purchased the walk animation on SKAmotion for a few euros (during some Black Friday time). I could create that one myself, but I would never obtain that professional quality.

- I created the garment of that avatar with Marvelous Designer. Rigging and animation produced in Daz Studio.

Exporting that animated figure was a complex process, I must admit it. Many trials and errors. The avatar was split into three parts (head + body + clothes) and exported from Daz Studio in binary FBX format.

I especially want to congratulate Ambiera for its remarkable FBX importer. It is powerful while being user friendly.

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