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Visual Coding/Scene Graph Editor suggestions...

Registered User
2020-10-14 22:07:52

I love Coppercube6, definitely the best game editor to make games with no coding experience. I'm only using visual coding through the scene-graph editor and am really happy with the results so far for my game and animation!

It would love it if a couple of simple things could be added to the "scene graph editor" of coppercube to make using it a lot easier and quicker....

1- Please consider adding a "Copy/Paste" option for Actions and Events (same as using "B" to copy and "J" to paste behaviours).

2- Please consider adding a more direct way to see/edit the visual code instead of having to navigate (using double-clicks) through the Scene graph pop-up windows.

3- It would be perfect if Coppercube could convert the entire scene graph script of events into a script which can be edited inside coppercube (same as the "Execute JS Script" editor for scene-graph Actions) or export/import it as a text file.

Thank you.

Registered User
2020-10-15 17:34:21

Yes! great suggestions,
This would speed up the game creation process. I hope this happens in the near future.


Registered User
2020-10-16 14:29:49

Hi, yes, that would be an idea. Added to my TODO list. Thanks!

2020-10-17 22:15:40

You impersonated him really well, @j9907

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