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Free spaceship interior
Author Text

2020-08-01 11:41:32

I found inside this ship interior hidden inside another spaceship with multiple levels and loads of rooms all setup and looking good in terms of basic voxel graphics.

It made from 'Starmade' so it cant be used for commercial use so that's why I am giving this away. Have some fun with it and make doors open and lifts work if you like...then show us what you have done in the announcements section...or make a video of it...

Enjoy - click download here:

2020-08-04 16:34:33

Also found this level today that has some potential - lots of rooms, with stairs, windows and multiple access points etc.

I just added some better textures and looks ok to me....
use as you please:

Registered User
2020-08-04 21:04:13

Cheers! This Starmade level looks really good, the cubical-geometry style, unfortunately, doesn't fit any of my projects but some of the textures would be very useful. I'm not sure if license extends also to textures or is it just for the model's geometry?

Sorry, I haven't read your post right, you wrote "...made from 'Starmade' so it cant be used for commercial use...":):)
I thought it could be used commercially, my bad, just ignore my question:)

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