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my version of spaceship
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Registered User
2020-06-22 17:14:56

a couple weeks ago, Robo posted a video of one on his spaceship's interior - he make me think of a project I started last year for a spaceship - He inspired me to pull out the old files and work on them again.... ( found them on one of my old computers)

here is a link to the .exe.file for what I built so far

it's not as big or fancy as Robo's - but I think I will work on building all 3 decks and make a full game out of it.
There are still bugs and a lot more to add to deck 2, but I'll get there!

oh yea - I used F Keys to control things... please let me know if the F Keys are a problem - thanks

and thanks to Robo for getting me interested in it again....

2020-06-23 06:02:46

Cheers 'count2rfeit' :)
Yeah, not bad, some interesting sections in your ship.
That same robot I have a copy also from buying or free (can't remember).
Good to make use of 3D sound speech from the computer I think. You can also use sound software and give it some reverb for indoor areas, sounds cool.

I did a number of internal ship fit outs myself until I found I could use interiors already made by others for free or very cheap so went with that as its quite time consuming to build it all yourself.

When I want larger files I use separate loads for each ship interior as the player wont know its not inside the ship that they see on the outside. When outdoors I always wanted to have a seamless transition from outside to inside ship areas with no scene change or loaded level - will see if I can keep that in my game or not due to memory limitations..

I just spent the last 3 weeks or so building the core 'ship interior' so that I can copy over into other ships easily.

I just added sound adjustment from opening/closing doors so that if near the viewing deck (to the outside) the sound gets adjusted suddenly as you open and close the doors along with the usual 3D sound volume change.
I always look to simplify as much as possible yet have good functionality like easy adjustment to door sounds, door opening speed, door delay, door access level, door power level, with appropriate displays.
Its almost done, just fine tuning switching off sections and lighting/torch light improvements.

I have a new ship interior that's very cool and very creepy - will do another video is about 1-2 weeks time...

Keep up the good work and hope to see more soon..

2020-06-23 20:04:59

Great job, count2rfeit. Looks cool if you ask me. Could you also give a tutorial? Because I have no idea how to enter the deck part. ;P

Registered User
2020-06-24 00:49:47

Robo - yea, I bought the robot on one of the 3D model sites...

AnAverageGuest - I'm not sure what you mean by 'deck part'
but at this time, this is just a quick look and walk thru.

the keys that are active:
W,A,S,D to walk - mouse to look around

"TAB" key will be used to change the left to the other decks, but at this time, deck 2 is the only one I am making. Deck 1 and Deck 3 will be coming at a later time.

"ENTER" key will toggle the lift door open/closed

"H" key - when close to escape pods hatch, will blow the hatch and let player into the area.

F1 and F2 keys - control the volume level

F3 Key - each area of the deck has a robot tech -when in a specific area the robot tech number will be shown on the overlay at the bottom left - F3 key will show info about that robot tech.

F4 key - will toggle computer voice interface on/off

F5 key - does a quick ship wide intruder search

"Q" key will show frames per second....

of course there will be lots more added as I build up the (levels) game. I really don't want to get the player bogged down the pressing keys or remembering what the controls are - so I will probably make a central control hub and automate as many things as I can...

AND! thanks to everyone who gave us a look....

Registered User
2020-06-27 23:14:44

I have been surprised (pleasantly) by the number of downloads my space ship walk thru has received (this forum is the only place I have shown it)... I didn't know there were that many people still looking at the forum.

Anyway, I am still working on deck2 and thought I would give a quick update:

1)I've been working on fixing many bugs. (many)
2) I re-skinned the the robot techs. I bought them somewhere a couple of years ago, and have used them in a few projects. But the default skins (Yellow!) was a bit much for a spaceship.
3) I've been working on a communicator system so the player can give and receive info to/from the techs.
4) I added a back-up power system . Robo has a interesting idea to have some of his ships damaged and running on back-up solar power. So it just Made sense to me that a space ship would have a back-up power.
5) I relined the F keys to the bottom of the screen

Well, this is just a few things I've been working on...




I hope to post an updated .exe walk thru file (soon) showing the new systems (F6 key turns the communicator on and off - the control center tech automatically activates the back-power when needed and shows the info on communicator)


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