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Can we 'call' a key?
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Registered User
2020-05-12 12:00:51

Hello, hm... so, i'm in France, and then, my keyboard is a AZERTY and not QWERTY. When i use Coppercube, my fingers hurts xD

WASD is hard, and when i change in windows tsk bar, the "FR" keyboard to "EN" keyboard, there's no change in Cc. (?) Why, i don't know.

Make customized keys in this program seems to be very difficult, but : i thought, maybe i can "call a key"?

When press "w", i go forward :) ok?
I thought maybe when i press... hm, "y" for exemple, a javascript like "key(w) = ok" is activate, and the "'w' key function" would be activated too.

Then, when i press "Y", i go forward... (because the "w" key was called).

Is it possible?

The scrit maybe seems like that, if i want replace wsad by yhgj:


function keyPressedDown(keyCode)
if (keyCode == 89) { <activation of keyCode(87);> }
if (keyCode == 72) { <activation of keyCode(83);> }
if (keyCode == 91) { <activation of keyCode(65);> }
if (keyCode == 74) { <activation of keyCode(68);> }
if (keyCode == 85) { <activation of 'action' or 'use' key;> }

But i have no idea, how to use the correct synthaxe or only, if it works...

Someone can help me on this point, please?

Thanks ;)

Have a nice day.

2020-05-23 03:44:29

There was a post about invoking a key from memory even when not selected. From memory some code to do that if you look for it.

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