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Lost rcd and import HTML files into Rocketcake
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Registered User
2020-02-10 21:43:26

I need to revise a website I created in Rocketcake 2.1 and published in 2018. I backed up all the files in order to upload for publishing backthen. In other words I have all the HTML files and images. I appear however to have lost the rcd file. Is there anyway I can import into Rockercake the HTML files I have saved in order to revise the website? This now an urgent problem for me. I will appreciate any help and advice.

2020-02-11 07:46:18

The .rcd file is your project file, which also includes all the images, scripts etc. You only needed to keep that. It's unfortunate that you lost exactly that file... RocketCake currently cannot import HTML, so you are probably out of luck.

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