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Some FBX files are distorted
Author Text

Registered User
2019-12-16 18:33:15

It seems like certain FBX files aren't loading properly. They import fine, but vertices seem to distort. It only happens with certain ones...

Registered User
2019-12-16 21:16:12

See a version of the export plugin you are using ...
if you use blender you have to see which version the plugin is compatible with!

I use blender and both animated and static mesh works normally.

Registered User
2019-12-18 11:00:51

I use Blender as well, but 2.79b as I refuse to use the POS 2.8x series...

Registered User
2019-12-18 14:55:48

Yes, it's a jungle with getting animated models to import. I'm really avoiding the FBX as long as x, b3d or ms3d are working out, I don't like CC 300 fps default for fbx, it's making me feel like the engine is unnecessarily spending rendering resources on something that could use x10 less frames. I could be wrong but it is what it is.
These are my FBX export setting for newer fbx 7.4 binary format:
...and settings for fbx 6.1 ascii format:
This is the fbx import-export version I'm using:
Good luck! :)

Registered User
2019-12-21 12:31:47

Hello ,
I'm considering buying 3d assets in the unity store, sold in unitypackage;
I read that the fbx files from unity packages can be extracted easily.
But do they easily import to coppercube? Or is there some conversion work to be done? If so , could you point me in the right direction please ( about the conversion process )
I recently imported an animated fbx file, and all animations were playing at the same time, I could not separate them...
thanks for your help !

Registered User
2019-12-21 19:25:30

You mean all animations were in the same timeline? If it's only that you can separate them in CC by using 'Animated Mesh Editor' or separate them in, let's say, Blender by using multiple NLA Tracks.
Keep in mind that if you export your animated model with separated animations from Blender in FBX format you will have separated animations in CC. If you export from Blender in X, B3D or MS3D you will have to separate them again in CC.

Registered User
2019-12-27 14:57:41

thanks for your answer , sorry for the late response

Registered User
2020-05-11 00:38:37

oh wow! so maybe that is why all I saw in CC after FBX export was a white square and no animation! I was using a too new of a version! I will download 2.79b and see if the problem is solved.

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