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Dim PD Reaction Trailer
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Registered User
2019-08-18 14:15:15

So, Six months ago I've made a game ( and it got pretty popular. Here's the Reaction Trailer for it:

I owe a huge thanks to the supportive CopperCube community for their positive and constructive feedback :)
I might run into some technical problems as the pre-production process of the full game is kinda complete and I'm started working on the actual game, so I'll probably post my questions in the help section.

Edit: There's a secret noclip camera in the game. To access it, at the beginning of the game, go towards the table with a note of the game's description on it, and instead of pressing "E", Press "Del" button. After that, you can press "Tab" to toggle noclip camera light on or off :d

Registered User
2019-08-18 17:34:05

hahahahah its really funny to watch those frightened faces.... a great demo has been developed by you. i played it lon ago but was unable to pass through the door... so many hidden things maybe there was something related to the pass through the door. but i liked it though... hope you will soon release the full final game..

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