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Behavior - Walk To Load Scene
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2019-02-09 18:29:03

I wanted to have a functionality of switching levels without user clicking, pressing or walking into doors/invisible walls. It's primarily meant for terrains (this way player can go to the next terrain/scene without bumping into invisible walls or having to click/press something) or labyrinths/towns/tombs/forests...

What behavior does:
Loads the next level when player reaches the loading node and displays a percentage of how near player is to that node (starting from 0 to 100 percent/inches/pixels).

User input:
1. Object that serves as a loading node.
2. Player node.
3. 2D overlay node that message and percentage is going to be written on.
4. Axis that player is going to use to approach the loading node (x or y / lowercase).
5. Name of the level the Loading Node is going to switch to.
6. Message that's going to be displayed on 2D overlay node before percentage.
7, 8, 9 and 10. How far from the node the loading is going to be triggered.

The limitation of the behavior is that player can approach the loading node only by using one axis (X or Y). The player can trigger the loading of the level from any axis but the percentage will be displayed only when approaching from axis specified through editor.

Approach Values (x, -x, y, -y) are there so that the loading-area around loading node can be as narrow or as wide as you want (for corridors narrow as a corridor/for terrains wide as a whole terrain's side).

Files in ZIP ( JS Behavior & CCB Example ):


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