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[FEATURE] Materials recognition
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CopperCube User
2018-12-24 17:50:08

Good day to all CCB geeks. Especially to you, Niko! I have a big request. Yes, it sounds trite easy. CopperCube already exists for so many years and during this time there has not even appeared a hint of the availability of materials. The problem is that most of the models that I import into the CopperCube turn into one white "porridge", and there is only one slot for texture, despite slots' abundance and recognition in the other editors. In CopperCube, namely, when importing a model of the FBX format created in Blender, textures are not imported as such. And instead of several slots, just one. Just for notice, the model has many different parts, each of which has its own texture or material. But in the CopperCube is the opposite situation. As a result, I can not advance in my development further, and all because of the fact that models can not get a normal look. What to do?

¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

Registered User
2018-12-25 21:56:29

Make sure your textures and materials are synchronized or go just for textures or just for materials if it's not possible to synchronize them. Also experiment with different formats & export settings in Blender. For example: newer fbx formats take materials into account more than textures and older fbx can use only textures, for B3D you don't even need materials.

CopperCube User
2018-12-28 11:48:58

Thank you very much for advice, srfstudio. I will try.

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