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Classes linked to library
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2009-05-30 18:27:36

Hi all
this is my first post so I want to thanks a lot Ambiera for its work. I have read well about you and your softwares and so here I am.

My problem: our client (another web agency) wants the source code so if the final client ask for little changes it can changing alone whithout calling us... ok no problem, nothing of superlative in our code...
But by some months since our full conversion to AS3 we are developing custom classes doing a lot of things. So our goal is to give the fla for little changes but not our classes with our lot of weeks of work...

So I am testing your beautiful Irrfuscator (well done) but Flash on publishing can not find classes linked in library (because the classes have the name changed)... no problem, I say to irrfuscator to ignore some folders but... but the classes in the folder ignored now ca not retrieve others classes for the same reason... so I have to ignore one by one all folders I use but doing so, I will not protect my ccustom classes...

The only solution seems to be to open library MovieClips and set the classes linked to "_px963", "__wx748" etc. etc.

Does not exist a better solution? Anyone has faced/solved this problem?
Thanks a lot to all
Have a good day


2009-06-01 09:10:13

Hm, maybe a solution would be to use a text file with a list of symbols to ignore, you could add all public names and functions of these classes in there, so the public symbols will be usable and the private and your internal stuff will be obfuscated. But this could be a lot of work of course, don't know how many functions/classes you have there.

2009-06-03 08:30:36

I think the more practice way is to link to the symbols in library Classes like "zx_0564" instead of "RedButton"... because I have tens of personal classes and a lot more of others authors...
Because if one symbol will not obfuscated, also the classes used by it needs to be "clear" and not obfuscated... and going on like this all my classes...

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