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Source file of GTA VC CLONE is available
Author Text

Registered User
2018-09-25 12:09:11

I have just uploaded my dropped project with GUI, and a mission... i dropped this project due to copyright issues...

The actual project has been somehow deleted from my pc and i can't recover it... the source file provided is a backup of previous version , so it contains less stuff...

original project had more stuff, audio fx, radios, car driving,(you can still drive car just get near to left door of car..)...

i was thinking to upload it on my but now i've changed my mind and had uploaded it to google drive...

Sorry the countdown on the website will be changed now for other stuff from Gui template... as i was thinking to upload this stuff there but now no more...

Download the zip file, and install the fonts provided with it... you should at least try to play the mission i included...

hope soemone will find this usefull

Registered User
2018-10-11 18:32:33

but you didn't add all of gta map...

Registered User
2018-10-11 23:31:48

I'd love to pick this up and continue it just_in_case, though how did you rip the original assets? I'd love to know.

Registered User
2018-10-12 05:27:16

I will surely write a tutorial regarding this on my website... How to rip and place models correctly from Gta games and how to rip Animations from the original game....

But that may take some time, because this month seems to be a lot busy ...
I will try my best to write on this topic as soon as possible...

Registered User
2018-10-12 16:19:59

Sure! not a problem. I was mostly asking what programs you have to use to rip the assets. I can probably figure out how to adapt them so they work in CC :)

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