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Flash support in CC6!

2024-01-15 14:58:59

Yep, I unfortunately figured that any 5.x SWF files would fail to load.

Do keep us updated. The concept of CC-exported games running on any sort of consoles is a fun concept!

2024-01-16 08:17:05

Thanks j9907, yes would be great fun! Unfortunately my tests were the same for CCB v2.xx exports. First, I tried the default cube and skybox scene 3D - and second, an empty scene with a solid colour 2D overlay.

Each test file successfully unpacked and loaded into the PSP RAM (with a working progress bar on the swf player) but produced a black screen with a moveable white mouse cursor when running - no crash or error or return to file browser. I left them running for a few minutes, just in case it was slow to render.

Im relying on a homebrew swf player to test, it does run 70percent of the various flash games Ive thrown at it, but today Ill try the PSP web browser directly with a ccb swf using a bookmark as the launchpath, as I think it also had swf support. Its possibly maxing the RAM and CPU as mines 32MB RAM with 333Hz Processor.

Good news is that I do have an old compiler program. which creates its own PSP installer, so I can at least render out a series of ccb scenes (as static png or animated gif files) and then import them to that before compiling as a very basic interactive game. That solution definitely tested and works but obviously doesnt support sound, 3D or ccb plugins/script - it would only be suitable for old school point and click games or very basic puzzle games using transparent overlays as hotspots with text messages or even a multiple choice graphic novel etc. I can try to hack some background music or a soundscape for the game using an swf running in a second browser tab, lol.

Its a bit more work but Ill put my creative hat on and definitely make a test PSP game using coppercube and this method. Ill think of some ideas today and then start making it when my new laptop arrives this week (hopefully). Ill showcase the results here.

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