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getting error and app crashes
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Registered User
2018-09-11 18:47:22

I don't know why but after executing coppercube project of sunnyland forest demo...after 3-4 mintutes app crashes and an error in the debug windows pop up...Direct3D9 present failed that is weird.. am on latest driver also tried with opengl as 3d video driver .....

am wondering there might be some issue in my code implementation....
will crosscheck my see what causes the app to crash....

@Niko if you have any idea why this is happening..then please let me know... attached is the screenshot of the error...

Registered User
2018-09-12 07:59:57

So, i have checked my code and found that, ccbUpdatePhysicsGeometry() is causing the issue of direct3D9 failed....
removed that line of code and all the things are working fine....

now i have to use my own collision detection method....previously my demo uses the ccbUpdatePhysicsGeometry() to update the collision.. now i have to add another code to work on this...

i don't know why ccbUpdatePhysicsGeometry() is causing this issue ....

EDIT:- can't detect collisaion as the method i used is to fake the collision using movement speed set to zero... and as my demo consist of physics engine and am not able to detect the collision for the jumps... sadly there is no other option to turn off collision or to update collison..

2018-09-13 17:22:39

Hm, strange. Did you take a look at the memory needed of your app in the task manager while playing? Maybe it simply runs out of memory that way.

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