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Source file is avialabe to download
Author Text

Registered User
2018-08-10 19:25:24

Few days ago i have posted a video of an endless sidescroller game created in complete 2d using coppercube free game engine......

Many of you guys requested the source file for that game.... As per audience request here is the source ccb file for the flappy bird game clone created using coppercube....

It is free to download. But if you like my work and want to support me you can also donate me via paypal.

I will post more ccb source files and assets in future.

Next source file am going to post is the clone of Bang game... Which is a local multiplayer or you can say a co-op one verus one game..

Hope you guys like it and find it usefull.

And you can also suggest your topics and ideas, on which i should write tutorials or post ccb file..

2018-08-10 22:10:33

I would be interested to see if people donate...

I worked on a similar model for a year...I only received a few donations...

2018-08-10 22:12:18

Also, I had hundreds of assets on the page... people just did not want to donate

2018-08-10 22:38:03

don't think that is the reason, more like few users and visitors in this forum.

you know why ambierra suddenly gives the free edition? think again.

on the bright side, godot has a market place, but offers them all 4 free not only that, but with MIT licensing (very liberal licnse). the devs are only getting the funding.

so many engine choices today, you can't think people will be focused now on CC just because it has a free version.

did a check on these forums for these past fw days and I only see one or two post per day (and that is if someone offers free stuff) sometimes none.

you got these to offer? why not make a good game & put it on steam or other store?

the other things are early fanboys. this forum needs more new users. I see someone new offering help, but some anonymos guy tries to drive him away. thats not good. it drives out potential talented people, who knows wht d guy can also offer.

for once dont think you guys have all the knowledge here & drive out on new people, that's not healthy for a mediocre community, just being honest.

thats why unity asset store is booming, they still offer even the simple stuff but it works becoz some people dont have the time to do it by themselves. get the idea?

Registered User
2018-08-11 06:27:10

thanks guys for your feedback regarding donations...

According to me people will donate you, if your work has potential and your tutorial,website really helped them out...
and am currently not focused on getting donations, i am doing all this because i want to help the community that's what non profit website means... you don't have to expect from others... if they loved your work and wants to help you... they will donate.

am not worried about donations.. but it will help me to put more efforts and time on that website if i get some donations.

if people don't want to donate.. they can give review or positive comments.. i will appreciate it.

2018-08-11 07:04:13


are you the ownr of that marshtown website? tried to browse but seems dead now..


good 4 u

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