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Important One_Advamced animation request
Author Text

2018-08-10 07:01:30

Advance animation

I wanted to request a feature in which animated object must be animated using the position of armature without being reset, while switching b/w animation.

for example, suppose i have a player object with 2 diffrent animation, in the first animation the player has only walk animation and in second it has shooting animation..

now if i wanted to do a walk while shooting. so if i change animation i want to affect only those bone/joint of animated object which are used for shooting. and all other bones will use previous animation. [b]the new animation must be applied to the bones /joints which are affected by the new animation ..

for example if my player walks affects the animation of leg bones/joint and my player shoots animation will affect the hand bone/joint then..

if i change my animation from walk to shoot then the leg bones/joints should use animation from the walk and hand bones/joints should use animation from the shoot. and the result will be shooting and walking at the same time.

currently coppercube don't blend or mix two animations. it will simply switch them and all other unaffected bones and joints of the armature reset.

so basically am requesting a feature in which we can blend two animations.. so that when changing from one animation from another animation unaffected bones won't reset. they must show movement from their previous animation.

i don't know if i was able to make you understand what i am trying to explain. hope you get it what i am requesting...


2018-08-10 07:42:19


Just a restart of Coppercube and i found that the feature is already available and is working fine.

Registered User
2018-08-10 09:00:16

How did you do that? Im trying to make it, but this is dont work for me...

2018-08-10 09:08:57

Am using fbx models... May be u r using some other format... Thats why it is not working for you..

Registered User
2018-08-10 19:53:50

Sorry to bump but what do you mean by available, is it working automatically or do you use custom script that allows usage of bone names/different body parts?

I was planning to use FBX so I just wanna know if I should make some modifications on models like separating body-parts in order to make this work?

Registered User
2018-08-10 20:32:45

Edit:- it didn't work sorry if i misguided you..

Edit:- @Aiming bullets btw you mimics my style of writing using so many dots...... Lolz

Registered User
2018-08-10 20:57:10

@ just_in_case thanx for the reply. I didn't expect that CC had this method available so I haven't taken it into account. My models have animations that use entire skeleton, like: shoot, run, idle, walk, etc.

But I don't know how I should prepare my models? Should I make, for example: walk&shoot, run&shoot and stand&shoot? Or should I create shoot animation for upper body part (keeping the lower part of the skeleton inactive) and call it 'shoot' and create separate animations for walk, stand & run for lower body part?

I don't understand how this works if I don't specify just bones or animations for different body parts?

Is there any example of partial animation that can be downloaded or maybe a clip on YouTube?

//////// Edit:
This is a method that is used in Unity to separate animation influences on different body parts called Avatar Mask.

Registered User
2018-08-11 06:06:10

Sorry, for posting so early.... i din't find it working for me ... neither with fbx...

since i don't know @aiming_bullets your method... will you please tell us how you have achieved this..

@srfstudio... this thread seems to be misleading... am extremely sorry for my previous post... i posted that without testing... i tried same thing with my fbx models and it didn't work...

so i suggest you to create walk and shoot, run&shoot,Stand and shoot animations separately... they won't work...

@aiming bullets prove me wrong if you have done this.

Registered User
2018-08-11 23:58:55

It's o.k. don't worry about it :) I was just interested because I didn't really see how the animation method like that can be pulled off with available scripts.

I'm still puzzled with how @aiming bullets managed to make it work. I guess his models accidentally worked out but it would be great if we could find out why they worked out so that, maybe, we can duplicate the system on other models.

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