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3D Models and Textures renders as Black in iOS.
Author Text

Registered User
2018-07-11 15:05:14

This happen a long LOOOONG [23 Aug 2017], this game I've published works on android but turns out Black in iOS, I was thinking maybe it was just my iPhone but then when I submit to the app store the app reviewers also said it appears as black in all their device.

I did not bring this up because I was so disappointed that I just basically let this go because of the super slow update rate of coppercube.

But sometime have passed now and I have emotional recovered, so just putting it out there to let you know that coppercube didn't seem to work in iOS.

That's all, just letting you guys know.
[PS: Am I the ONLY one that actually tried to publish an iOS game with Coppercube ?]

Registered User
2018-07-11 16:42:28

There is no inbuilt feature to port your game to ios......
I don't know by which method you have ported your game...

If you tried to port a webgl version of your game as an ios native app by using some kind of third party software then there are chances that the software you had used may have bugs...

Otherwise coppercube webgl games can be ported to ios easily ... I recommend adobe phonegap to port your webgl app or game as native ios or android or as windows phone game..

Hope it helps

Registered User
2018-07-11 22:42:34

Thank you for such kind and supportive words :D
Yes I used Phonegap to publish it :D
It didn't work for me.

I do wish it works for you though and let me know if it did, for I know you are working on some game ;p

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