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where are the beginner tutorials ?

Registered User
2017-09-26 01:39:36

I don't talk about coppercube tutorials I mean where are tutorials for copperlicht the open source WebGL engine ?

The doc listed all classes and members but short examples are missing for JavaScript and WebGL beginners like me.

What are the the minimum code to use the WaterSurfaceSceneNode ?

What are the minimum code to enable shadow ?

Thank you


Registered User
2017-09-26 09:24:23

See here: (scroll to 'tutorials')

Registered User
2017-09-26 18:14:11

hello erik (sorry about my bad english)
many details are not in this tut's but a good stating point.

I made the file: src/ flaceloader.js more readable
and encode via deflate or base64 the CopperCube fileformat.

I added some console outputs and I can see how every class is init by loading the content from CoppeCube editor.

Now I can write my own world or modell importer or write a scene exporter to create CopperCube *.ccbz or *.ccbjs files.

thank you


2022-01-07 19:02:36

Would have been great if you had released it as some sort of tool. I really have to agree here, the learning curve is extremely steep, the Api doc is minimal, so much indeed that rather unexperienced coders (the majority!) are struggling with the basics.
Whether Niko has the time, or motivation, to do a beginner friendly documentation I don't know, but as a matter of fact I am thinking about to do that by my own and sell it as a book, because as I am going trough all those hassles myself right now, there's no reason why I shouldn't write it down and help others.
I mean, a Doc that is sorted more context-oriented (like, index of everything about camera), with working examples for every function or method (may be a link to an example that contains it), and less abstract / JS-Guru-ish Nomenclature.

I'd do that because I believe even today the CL.js has a serious potential to become a challenger of the big ones, as WebGL becomes the standard for casual gaming.

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