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whtas what's the different between websitepainter and RocketCake?

Registered User
2017-08-19 16:12:59

I have installed WebsitePainter for testing and saw the same as in RC. What's the reason for me to prefer RC or WP ?

What can I do in one sofware and no in the other?

Registered User
2017-08-20 06:44:26

With WebsitePainter, you can easily create normal websites by clicking them together. With RocketCake, you can do this too, but you can create websites with it, which are responsive. Meaning that they automatically adjust themselves to the device they are displayed on. Like they work nicely both on an iPhone as well as on a PC screen. For this, RocketCake is a bit more complicated to use then WebsitePainter.

Registered User
2017-08-20 14:26:24

Thank you!
I'm using RC ;)

Registered User
2019-01-03 15:17:54

I'm wondering if there's any justification for making static sites (Website Painter) anymore?

There are things I miss about static websites, but wonder if the "train has completely left the station" as far as that's concerned.

Sites I built in the past had all that wonderful real estate to do lots of different things.

I'm using RC now and doing well.

Sorry about rambling on.

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