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Request foroption to import irrfuscator_symbols.tx

Jake Lewis
2008-12-03 18:42:26

The output of the obfuscation dictionary (irrfuscator_symbols.txt) is a real bonus.

What we'd appreciate is the ability to re-import that same file, to ensure that subsequent obfuscations of later versions of our application would use the same translations ( whist  adding on any new symbols ).

The reason for this is that we need to build a reverse obfuscator so that we can make legible versions of stack traces caused by errors in our application.  Having the entire dictionary change for any update makes life a bit complicated as we have to know which dictionary to use, which isn't easy to ascertain when QA dept or some client sends just an obfuscated stack trace and no version number that we built into the app.

Also, rather than have each of your customers build there own reverse obfuscator tool, might I suggest that you supply one with your application.

And finally, can I suggest that you add "Irrfuscator" and "obfuscate" etc to the spelling dictionary of this Forum  ;)

2008-12-03 20:42:25

That's a nice feature request, added to our list, thanks.

spell checker: hehe, good idea :)

Jake Lewis
2009-01-06 16:34:04

Well done on your 1.1.6 release the --ignorepkg flag will save a lot of trouble.

Any movement on importing irrfuscator_symbols.txt, and a reverse obfuscator?


2009-01-09 16:30:46

It's on the featurelist, but has no very high priority yet, but it could make it into the next release, let's see.

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