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PDF Files + Gallery
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Robert Brummer
2017-06-12 17:30:44

I am just starting with Rocket Cake for a club website I shall manage from now on. So far great experience. But I do encounter two problems which I do not get around on my own. Could you please help out?

1.) I would like to integrate some PDF-Files in my website. I would like the files to be automatically uploaded to the website and I would like to display them ona page of its own in its own window (tab). How can I do that?

2.) I experimented with the gallery. I would miss a function to flip between photos during being in fullsize viewing of one photo. Meaning I do not see any arrows to the left or to the right. How can I get this? Did I miss an option?

with best regards

2017-06-13 07:51:42

PDF files: the simplest way is to upload them to your webspace manually, and link them just as you would link a .html page. Your browser will then open / display them. Alternatively, you could add a hyperlink in RocketCake, and choose as link type "file from disk". RocketCake will then also upload that file.

Gallery: Yes, that's true, that is a missing feature. Will add something like this in the next update.

2021-02-25 10:55:25

Further to this area I have a question. Can I place pdf file buttons within rocketcake so that viewers can download documents from my website?

Registered User
2021-02-25 17:11:35

Right-click the button where you have added the link to your .pdf file, and choose "HTML Code...". In the code, it says something like


Copy that id, that "button_26be2b". Then, create a JavaScript Code element somewhere on your page below (uncheck the "Create Div around code" option to make it invisible). Double-click it to enter this code there:

document.getElementById('button_26be2b') = 'true';

(With the id of the button replaced with the id of your button)
Then it should work.

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