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Problems with override
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B. Ritzl
2008-11-26 07:50:31

I found another problem while testing irrFusscator:

I have a class A with a public function a():void. This class is part of a code library that isn't part of the obfuscated code (not put on ignore or anything, it is simply not part of set of files that are obfuscated)

Then we  have a class B that does public override function a():void. This class is part of the obfuscation.

The result of the obfuscation is that in class B I get public override function _xg7260():void which clearly is wrong. Shouldn't irrFuscator ignore overrides if the base class isn't part of the obfuscation?

2008-11-28 15:40:27

Thanks, added to the bug tracker.

clint g.
2010-11-01 21:33:28

Has this issue been resolved? I recently ran into a major issue with Protected Override functions.

2010-11-02 17:03:20

Usually, if you have such a class, you should let irrFuscator read it as well, but mark its namespace/package, or even the full class (using comment directives) to be ignored. If the class is in a .swc library, it's even easier, and you only need to add the .swc to irrfuscator.
This is the usual way to do this, and no problem should occur.

The problem of B.Ritzl was that he was using some class which wasn't even read by irrFuscator, so this is a usecase which doesn't make much sense. That's not how the obfuscator should be used.

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