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How much would you pay for this model?

Registered User
2017-05-14 06:11:26

ow much would you pay for this model?
Hi, It's a simple model.
- It has implemented in its texture an old technique to simulate the emission of light.
- It has motion capture animation.
- 1800 tris
- 2.5mg.
-1024*1024 textmap

Direct Online View
Here is the link to see it online

Thanks for your comments

2017-05-14 07:28:45

Hi jaimezegpi, I'm a big fan of your work... I would gladly pay $1 for something like this. However, if you made me a custom model more tailored towards my game, I would pay a whole hell of a lot more.

Registered User
2017-05-14 14:51:50

Is the motion capture data from Adobe Mixamo ?

Registered User
2017-05-14 16:40:03

Tim thanks for your comment.
Bracer, in this example the bhv animation has from package named Monster Bones. Mixamo use same old publick animation packs, as DarkFps models.

Registered User
2017-05-15 11:20:39

I found it, it is from Adobe's Mixamo, it is free.

I would pay $50 for your model, I REALLY LOVE the hands.

As a 3D artist myself:

I really appreciate your low poly modeling design.

2017-05-15 14:23:41

Hi, I am more interested in your multiplayer prototype...

However, there is one method on 69 in version one of the code that does not work unless you point that specific URL to your server.

Please can you fix this or provide the full source...I looked at your file structure and I can't download anything but the output of the PHP scripts that are executing within the file structure.

It is a real pitty because I wanted to work from your code base and extend the project...but I see that you have abbandoned it and are nolonger supporting the thread...

I would pay you $150 if you could provide me a working copy of the code base...

The thread that I am reffering to is found here and my comment is the last one

2017-05-15 16:25:18

Hi Bracer.. Wow Nice models ( in your youtube link ).. Always i like make your style of character. Nice,
Yes i see mixamo and try to import and export models to use in my engine or in coppercube but the export animations are buggy and very dificul to implement in blender... i use a generic skeleton for monster bonnes.
Thanks for your comment. :)

Hi Zoo.. this multiplayer is oooooold, but still working..
Here is the download Link ( tested and working )
You need mod this values for work in your own server.
.. i have a new basic multiplayer integration. but is a "BASIC" integration. not use node.js. is for a generic server and optimized code for work more speed.. Other behaviors like chat or special interactions need be programed.
Thank for your comment Zoo ;)

2017-05-15 19:37:49

Hi Jaime...

Yes, I have downloaded this many times.

Line 63 is broken in the javascript behavior... I presume there is an issue with the PHP

When I replace your URL with the URL of my server, everything works except for that line...

If I don't change that specific line but change all the other URL's, everything works...

It is a bug that nobody has come across yet.

It renders the script useless because if line 63 does not point to your server or the script fails ...

2017-05-15 20:58:58

var player_id=ccbGetCopperCubeVariable('player_id');
var player_data=escape("{"+player_id+";"+position+";"+rotation+"}");
ccbDoHTTPRequest(""+player_data, finishedRequestData);

the "backend.php" in your server is accesible ??
you can use this basic code
And send-me the error :)

2017-05-16 00:40:17

jaimezegpi .. I appreciate the assistance...

I usually would not trust someone with this, but could you possibly email me.. I would like to request that you access my server and take a look at the script for yourself... I can send you the login details.

I plan on taking your work forward.. And as I said, I would be happy to contribute financially if you get this code working...

For example, I could donate you a coffee hehe on your website...

Once I have managed to get it working, I will re-release the script as opensource on github...with your permission?

2017-05-16 14:53:02

For interest sake, after putting the code in a try catch, well, it does not return an error

Registered User
2017-05-17 06:27:36

Thanks to all for yours comments.. helpme a lot :)

- I close this post ;)

Zoo this weekend i work in the multiplayer
You can contact me in my email.

Registered User
2022-12-28 13:40:08

@all +@jaime - I'm a bit late to join the party :)

@jaime - would you mind share on how you did it? "multiplayer V2" - would be cool to integrate this into the game I'm curr. working on
Link - 404:

@all others, in case somebody has it still on some old HDD; would you mind (in case @jaime is ok with it) - sharing it again with the community?

Thanks to all and enjoy the holidays

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