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Irrfuscator vs SWF Encrypt 5

Registered User
2008-05-23 11:15:41

Hello Niko, I just downloaded your irrfuscator and found that it can be used for 30 days if I won't purchase a license  :P

So I would like to ask you how difference is between irrfuscator and SWF Encrypt 5 from Amayeta? I downloaded the SWF Encrypt 5 and tried it. It takes a different approch to obfustcate my game.

SWF Encrypt 5 will obfuscate the final single .swf file and it finishes its process within a second!!? I wondor how it does that. While irrfuscator will obfuscate uncomplied .as files to obfuscated .as files.

For me, I am not sure how SWF Encrypt 5 does that. Could you please explain me a little bit Niko?

And can I use irrfuscator trial version for my commercial game while it still works in this 30 days?  :P

I will absolutely buy it later.  ;)

2008-05-23 15:00:59

I don't know and never tried the other software tool you mentioned, but from what you describe it sounds like it will simply change the bytecode of the swf file directly.

When I wrote irrfuscator I also thought about doing this, but if you need to work with the source code after obfuscation (like I needed it for my personal project), you will need a source level obsucator like irrfuscator. Also, you can manually verify if the code is still ok by simply taking a look at the obfuscated source, which is quite useful. :)

About using irrfuscator for your commercial game within the 30 days: Of course you can.

Registered User
2008-05-23 15:16:39

Thanks Niko for your prompt response!

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