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References in strings?
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2008-05-08 12:40:34

Hi, I'm interested in some kind of obfuscator. I just tried the one from Amayeta and my project simply didn't work after the encryption. My concern is: what happens when you have references to code in strings, or maybe XML files? For example some texts inside an XML file refer to classes in the project, or maybe using strings to create instances of different classes using the same code?

Or asking another way:
Will any kind of source code work after obfuscation?
Or are there things we should avoid in our source code?


2008-05-08 18:38:21

In irrFuscator, you can define symbols which should not be obfuscated to work around this problem. For example if you have some functions you know which are called dynamically using strings, just tell irrfuscator not to obfuscate these functions.

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