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Character On Map Behavior on Extensions Page
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Registered User
2017-01-12 01:55:09

Hello All,

The Character On Map Behavior is currently available on the Copper Cube Extensions Page

What does it do ?

It lets you follow any dynamic or static object in your game on a part of the screen. Even, you can follow the main player in your game.


You can use your map as solid color or any supported graphics file representing your scene.


An attached example in the package.
Letters Kingdom Game Enhancement Project - in Progress

Questions ?

Please refer the attached PDF help file and feel free to contact me via mail.

Hint : There is still a small bug blocking the script from calling the texture file correctly. I'm wondering if someone can try and confirm.
I can post a work around to call the map texture directly within the script. (until the next fix or update is provided by Niko)

Have Fun !

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