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Moving an Object

Registered User
2012-07-18 15:10:50

Niko, there is no doubt that CC is magnificent! I have only scratched the surface of what it can do! Mostly I am enjoying my experience and hope to have a meaningful 3D teaching campus in six months.

When click on, move object, like lift door, is putting in the coordinates the ONLY way of doing it?

Position: 231.0, 34.0, -103.0


Can one put in from current position to new position, without the actual coordinates? An example would be in a prefab!


Registered User
2012-07-18 15:41:28


Yes there are different ways to move something.

By coordinates , by vector , according to something else etc.

Its all in the actions.

I am not in a pc with cooper-cube installed , and i cant remember exactly were they are in the actions but its there.

And very easy to do.

You can even use variables to move an item , or a camera.

Hope i helped.

Registered User
2012-07-18 22:57:58

Thanks Michaelb, you sure did help. I will see what I can find.


Registered User
2012-07-19 12:31:20

No problem.

And its Actions --> change position of a scene node

the options are : set fixed 3d position (position by coordinates) move by a vector ( position by vector coordinates) set relative by a scene node (position takes the object and puts it on the position of another object) move by vector into facing direction (it moves the item into vectors facing direction)

Registered User
2021-07-02 11:11:10

How to move an object automatic?

For example i have one ship but i want to move forward until press the turn key to turn.

Like ship simulator, pressing a lever and the ship its moving itself until change the direction pressing another level.

it is possible to do such a thing?

2021-07-02 12:51:11

2 ways I know without coding.....

1 (easy method):
Every Few Seconds (500ms)
Change Position of Scene Node: Ship.

2 (slightly harder method):
Add a "Game Character" behaviour to the ship.
Set "Game Character's movement speed" to something suitable.
Set "Game Character's Movement type to "Stand Still".
Add a cube/plane at the position you want the ship to move to.
Add an "every few seconds" event (500ms) to trigger the "Move Object Towards Node" extension, to move the ship towards the cube/plane.

*You can only use the "Move object towards Node" extension if you add a "Game Character" behaviour to the node you want to move. This tells it what speed to move etc.

The advantage of using method 2 (even though it's more complicated) is that you can then also move the cube/plane to steer the ship or make it turn direction smoothly. (I just recently used this method in my game to make a working heat-seeking homing missile, which moves to wards the enemy and smoothly follows them as they move around).

Registered User
2021-07-05 13:57:13

Can you please show me an example with ccb?

Registered User
2021-07-05 18:25:51

I have made simple script for controlling a ship..
anyways it will move until you slow it down-you can set speed and set its cource.

Parameters for script is:
Me=object to move
Speed=if set to 0 then i use speedvariable that i can change ingame
if not 0 then script will use that as fixed value.
SpeedVariable=declare it first then use it
Yang=this is for setting course for ship.. declare it first.

If your model faceing direction is not correct then this script may not work and you need to edit script or edit model faceing direction with model editor.

Registered User
2021-07-06 11:53:44

I want to ask and something else, its possible
To moving any object like this ship pressing a specific key
Once and moving as fps controller as itself?

what I mean..... if I put an fps controller ok I use the keyboard keys to move the object fine and correct in all directions.

Registered User
2021-07-08 13:09:49

SVEN according to your example ccb its working Perfect.
The fps camera its not moving with the speed ship but its standing and after that drop in the sea when the ship its moving.

The only I want is even to follow the ship (as passenger view) or even to stand in one position without moving but allow me to rotate around the fps camera.

Any help to this because if I put as child the camera in the ship its not working correct.

Registered User
2021-07-08 23:28:53

what? are you trying to move a door up?

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