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MXML obfuscation running into problems

Registered User
2012-05-21 00:11:34


I tried obfuscating my Flex project. All the .as files were very impressively taken care of but MXML files had some problems which caused compiler errors.

1. The event listener attribute for "addedToStage" event was obfuscated.
2. Some overridden methods were obfuscated which caused the error "1020: Method marked override must override another method.".
3. Some properties of Flex components, which I set as attributes, were obfuscated. For example, the "gap" attribute of <s:VerticalLayout> tag is obfuscated.

I added Flex SWCs in the "SWC Files" tab of the GUI but that resulted in this error: "Error: Could not open SWC file C:\Program_Files_(x86)\Adobe\Adobe_Flash_Builder_4.5\sdks\4.6.0\frameworks\libs\core.swc."

One question: If I'm evaluating the free version, can I still use comment directives? I added them around a few blocks of code but they didn't seem to affect the obfuscation.

2012-05-21 19:20:28

Ah, you also sent this by mail, so I've answered it there already.

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