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swf or flex obfuscation

Registered User
2012-04-23 23:24:18


what's the difference between swf and flex obfuscation?

I mean when I throw my swf-file into irrFuscator and use the swf obfuscation-option does it obfuscate my source actionscript-files as good as a flex project-obfuscation?

Where's the real difference between these two options?

Is the quality of obfuscation the same? I just ask because I use a simple text editor for my projects and don't know how to integrate irrFuscator into my project.


Registered User
2012-04-24 06:01:32

AFAIK, the source obfuscation is a bit better then the .swf obfusction. I think this was mentioned sometime here on the forum, but I'm not sure.

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