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Overridden methods

Registered User
2011-11-17 07:07:19

Hi team,

I've just started trialling irrFuscator. Apart from mxml strings being renamed (which I've already posted about), I noticed irrFuscator lacks the ability to understand overridden functions.

Clearly if the method is overridden by a class that is part of the source code, it should be obfuscated with the same symbol throughout, otherwise, it should be ignored. I quickly wrote a perl script to add the ignores for me.

But really this is quite a massive bug. Will it be fixed?



2011-11-17 18:25:34


usually, methods with the same name will get the same obfuscated name. If the method you override isn't in the source code but from another .swc file, let irrfuscator know about this by adding the .swc file using the gui or the command line parameter --swc:yourfile.swf.

Otherwise: Could you give a small example where this happens?

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