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Words in strings(inside mxml) are obfuscasted if they coincide with symbols
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Registered User
2011-10-20 09:53:40

I noticed (in fact the client noticed,very embarrassing) that some words are obfuscated.
Here is a example, I have some fields named:serial,email some classes named Activate, Deactivate
Now if in an mxml file I have something like
<s:Panel title="Activate" ....or Label text="Enter serial .." the words Activate and serial are replaced with obfuscated symbols.

IS this a known bug? Should Report it?
My only idea is to rename my classes and fields to something like serial_x Activate_x

2011-10-20 14:28:25

Ah, that's not nice. Thanks for reporting. That's a bug, your workaround is probably the only way do do this now. Another idea would be to use HTML escaped characters for the text, but I'm not sure if mxml supports these..

Registered User
2011-11-17 06:05:31

Hi Ambiera team...

Ran out of luck using SecureSWF when mxml symbols were completely disregarded in the identifier renaming process. Then I found irrFuscator... mxml obfuscation!

After writing perl scripts to deal with the edge cases irrFuscator didn't deal with (such as symbols from CSS and some external references), all which were understandable, I finally got the application compiling to find this very embarrassing and obvious problem. It leads me to believe that the advertised mxml obfuscation is a rather naive search and replace. :(

Are there plans in the works to fix this in the near future (< 6 weeks), or should I just move on to yet another obfuscator?



2011-11-17 18:22:54

Yes, it's currently a bit simple. There are plans to improve this, but this could still take a while.

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