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Obfuscating parameter names in function and class fields
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Registered User
2011-10-06 13:52:36

Hi , i am testing irrFuscator. If i check Obfuscate all vars I get a lot of errors, especially in mxml files, so with that option unchecked I get function names and classes obfuscated but not the class fields and not the function parameters name, (at least the parameters should be easy to obfuscate?)

Encrypting the SWF failed(also it failed with other tool I tried) so the source obfuscation seems the bets thing to do(and maybe to add an extra swf obfuscation that could make some tricks to crash the decompilers)

Registered User
2011-10-06 14:33:08

Parameters do not appear in the swf, that's why they don't need to get obfuscated.

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