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Flex and Air - Ignore
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Registered User
2011-05-18 18:16:54

Hi, I am using the trial version. I cannot seem to get the tool to ignore an mxml file. I have a compiler error in this file after running the tool on my source code with the lightest of options. I decided to leave this file (there are 2 others too which show errors) and just ignore it.

I put the file name in the ignore list (not the ignore file)and used every type of package/path but still it does not ignore the file and obfuscates it. I still have the exact amount of errors. Refreshed my folders reloaded the app, etc?

Is this tool aimed more at smaller flash projects? I have a large Flex/Air project running in flex builder.

If I could get it to ignore I could make some progress, please help..

Registered User
2011-05-18 23:29:55

Ok, I got it working. The contents of the flex project src directory needs to be what you are pointing at. This wasnt clear at first, I guess its just trial and error. I still ended up with some errors, which I cleared by hand. I noticed that package to ignore does not need the path just the name of the package. Just FYI anyone reading this..

To the author, after I decompiled in soThink, I was impressed to see that the swf was not recognised as a flex project and so created a FLA. I looked at the actionscript files and was also impressed in the complexity of the code and I am now quietly confident that this tool is doing a good job.

One thing I would have liked to have seen was the mxml files renamed as this still gives a clue to the structure of the app.

I would say though that this tool has done a good job and perhaps I will buy the pro version next time round. thanks

Registered User
2011-05-19 05:38:35

Ah, cool. Just wanted to say that the is no 'ignore file' option, but looks like you've figured it out. :)

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