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ignoring the ignore list text file?
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2011-05-09 16:40:17

Still testing irrfuscator. This time, I made the ignore list manually in two ways.

The first way is to put a symbol instance name using the left panel "Symbols to Ignore". This works correct. The result irrfuscator_symbols.txt file does not contain my symbol - which means it has been ignored.

But if instead I put this symbol name in a text file using the right panel "Predefined Ignore List" (and delete it from the left panel), it looks as the list itself is ignored, because all my symbols from ignore list appear in the result irrfuscator_symbols.txt file.

The ignore text file is one symbol name in one line, so the structure is very simple. Each line is ended with CR LF and displays correctly in Notepad. It should be working. Is it a bug or I do something wrong?

2011-05-09 19:26:04

Hm, programmaticall,y for your use case, I'm not sure, I'm sorry. Maybe you could trace() all the object names at runtime by iterating them?

2011-05-10 08:46:18

This is the answer to the other post I made before (about how to create ignore list automatically), but thanks anyway! The solution that works for my project is to scan recursively all movie clips and trace their names, then copy them to ignore list (changing CR to CR LF by the way).

How about the problem described in this post, about ignore list in text file format being ignored by the obfuscator? It repeats with different lists, so it is no accidental.

2011-05-11 09:01:03

Hm, does irrfuscator write something about that file, like it cannot open it or similar? Maybe you put it at some location it cannot read or similar..

2011-05-11 12:10:24

The text file, containing my ignore list is in the same directory as the swf file and is readable and writable.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I created a completely new Flash file from scratch, added 2 shapes to it, converted them to symbols and used instances of those symbols in AS3. Then added those instance names to the ignore file and used irrFuscator. And I have the same result as before.

But because I am a beginner, here is more or less the whole process, flash contents and error in screenshots, just to make sure the process is correct:

2011-05-11 12:12:12

Oh, and the output from irrFuscator is like this (in the black window):

Unregistered, unlicensed version.
Reading f:\personal\documents\flash\test.swf...
SWF Version 10 (frameRate:24, frameCount:1)
writing irrfuscator_symbols.txt
writing output file f:\personal\documents\flash\test_obfuscated.swf...

Finished, wrote new 1KB SWF file and obfuscated 2 symbols.

2011-05-11 13:20:27

Thanks for the detailed report, looks like everything you are doing is correct. It's probably a bug in the obfuscator, I'll have a closer look at this.

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