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borderless pointer with external mouse on android?

Registered User
2024-04-14 10:06:14

Hi people,

to perfect my CopperCube VR setup for a best standalone experience, I am still missing a last component.

The latest update of Winlator v6 finally works perfectly with an external mouse, i.e. also with my affordable air mouse as gyroscope sensor for head tracking.

Now I'm still looking for a solution to enable the mouse pointer move out from one edge of the screen and auto move back in from the opposite edge.

For Windows there is a program called "Unlimited Mouse", which exactly does what I need, but I am looking for something similar for Android.

Even if I would use Unlimited Mouse within my Winlator fake Windows container environment where the CopperCube VR games perfectly runs as exe project, the overlying Android OS layer would of course stop my cursor when it reaches phone screen display edges so I can't turn my head any further in the game.

Maybe does anyone know of an Android app, settings tweak or other solution to allow for a border-less cursor controlled by external mouse on a phone screen?

(my google search so far has been unsuccessful ...)


Registered User
2024-04-14 10:12:45

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