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CopperCube sucks

2024-04-10 21:25:23

And let's not forget my game as well:

Wow, i hear about this one... Nice game!

2024-04-11 01:23:19

In the words of an absolute GEM in our community - "I highly disagree", i think you meant :)

guest wrote:
@Just_in_case I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree with you on that one , I believe a lot of the criticism the OP has are completely valid and a big factor as well

Its not about "laziness" , making games is time consuming as it is , it is a iterative process and time and time I'll be needing to for example check for a condition that was not in the picture when I was initially creating the logic for something, and now I have to add a check before it and having to redo all of it again is time wasting and demotivating.

and like that sound loop bug its a small thing and yes you can do that and might not actually take much time , but all these "small" things will add up at the end to leave a sour taste in the mouth of the user.

To be fair these problems are only "Editor" related and not related to the core engine itself (which is great) , thats why I remember @Smnmhmdy saying he makes most of his games maps proccedurally generated and custom code everything since he didnt want to use the editor because of how bad it was.

I think recognizing these issues and aiming for solutions is much more appropriate than ignoring and simply calling them "lazy"

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