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Few thoughts on the genres and types of games that can be made with CopperCube

2024-04-08 08:26:10


I think the Blue team wins...

Registered User
2024-04-08 08:58:58

Ok, it might be that actor behavior doesn't affect the performance as much as I though it does. It seems like collision default collision also does not affect the performance too bad.

It's still runs on my laptop with i7 6770 and 940mx at 20 fps:

If I remove the optimization trick script it runs at 10 though.

It might be actually the model itself, and/or javascript behaviors that has more impact than the built-in behavior which is a good news for me.

2024-04-08 12:36:27

@guest, yeah it seems like your optimizations are good, maybe you can share your optimizations and we can merge the visibility trick with it to get more out of it.

2024-04-08 14:28:18

I am confident that the other user (@guest) is either using the C++ client code or not using native animated models. Upon inspecting his first screenshot, I noticed that it prints the number of polygons in the debugging console. However, it is a well-known fact that Coppercube Javascript API doesn't allow you to get the polygon count of animated meshes. Therefore, I am skeptical about how he is printing the polygons of an animated mesh.

It is apparent that this thread is solely about native Coppercube and current API scripts, and not about third-party integrations or C++ code injection. I am perplexed about the other user's obsession with animated model optimizations.

I downloaded the JIC-provided script and modified the number of Columns and Rows in the script from 10x10 to 50x50, which is equivalent to 2500 models. I achieved the same FPS as the other @guest shared in his last screenshot, claiming that the blue team wins. I am not sure what he is trying to imply here. Is he suggesting that his method is superior, while the unoptimized project by JIC is delivering the same results?

Out of curiosity, I even tried increasing the rows and columns to 100x100, which is 10000 models, and the FPS was just 1 LOL

2024-04-08 20:53:47


2024-04-09 15:34:01

You can do open-world games quite easily just optimize culling of animated meshes and props.

Guest The Great
2024-04-12 05:25:59

It seem like "300" Spartan of JIC hold back the "1,000,000" Persians

@Guest (Xerxes) got defeated deliberately lol...

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