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Extern CSS cannot be unset

Registered User
2024-03-17 21:30:09

Hi Niko,

I think this has already been reported:

I start with a project that has a check "extern CSS". I want to unset "extern CSS" so that all CSS is included in the HTML file(s).
My project is using masterfiles.

I then right-click a page, choose "HTML Code" (I tried both the masterpage and a contentpage).
Next I uncheck "extern CSS" and then "publish to the Internet" it doesn't seem to update any of the files. (I expect it to re-upload all affected HTML files).
Next I uncheck "Only upload updated or new files" then it does upload all files, but STILL CSS not included in the HTML files.
Basically, the "extern CSS" setting cannot be unset in my project.

I save my rcd project file, exit RC. Start RC again with my project file.
The "extern CSS" flag remains checked.

Please help, because my users are seeing badly formatted pages because their browsers don't load the updated CSS files (apparently they cache the CSS and not check for updated file).


Registered User
2024-03-18 06:07:43

The checkbox there is just for viewing the code, it's not a setting. You can find the setting when you click on rhe main toolbar in Rocketcake on "Options".

Registered User
2024-03-18 09:18:28

You can find the setting when you click on rhe main toolbar in Rocketcake on "Options".

Alternatively, you can click the top entry in the Documents Explorer (the project name rcd) and then check or uncheck the "UseExternalCSS" checkbox in the Properties window.

Registered User
2024-03-25 21:50:27

Oh, ok thanks.
It works now.

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