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Node.js Bridge2 OpenVR

2024-03-13 01:38:39

Okeoke, first off I never lied I myself with the help of chathpt created my own opener.node using completely different steps than you have mentioned and didn’t even know about the one on git until you brought it up. And I obviously stayed in fairly new at this so I don’t see the point in you acting like your smarter than me and what you have displayed is in no way any further along than I have already got. I’ve gotten webgl and and .exe to request permission for vr device and webgl to actually start it. I’d appreciate if you comment with positivity instead of trying to act like a know it all.

2024-03-13 01:40:57

And what you’ve show is literally nothing but requesting the device basically is all that code you posted is gonna do. You need way more code in order for it to actually work with a coppercube made game.

2024-03-13 01:43:06

Also, if you knew how to follow a conversation, with you script you just posted is literally practically what I already posted in this conversation before you did

2024-03-13 01:46:00

And the way I described that I did it was completely different than the way you tried to describe, so I’d appreciate if you did not imply that I am a liar without any type of facts. I’m heated because I literally spent more than two weeks getting this done hours a day, for a FOOL LIKE YOU TO COME AND TALK SHHH. People like you need to exit the community!

2024-03-13 04:45:02

@okeoke, just leave this troll alone, he is well known in the community as @Zoo, he is the only one who is so desperate for VR in Coppercube. Now he is posting some nonsense generated by AI which is obvious it won't work, then claiming that he created something, that is he is not sure if it works or not or why it is not working. Then expect a community that had nothing to do with this stuff to help him out, instead of asking int XR related forums.

@noobski, I also created a binding for coppercube with AR and VR, i am also stuck with only one thing that this is not working in Coppercube, below is the code for the binding, please can you help me out to make it work in CC.

Var XR = CC.bind.SteamXR;
XR.initiate = CC.scene1.bigPicturemode;
XR.webBinding = true;
AR = CC.initiate.AugementCam;
CameraActive(true); = true;

i wrote this binding, I know the code i wrote is for bindinf because it wad generated with the help of ChatGPT but the only step I am stuck on is its not working with Coppercube. Can anybody help me out, because I am very new to this and I don't know how to properly do it.

Maybe I need to use some node.js or other modules to make it work with CC. Any help will be appreciated thanks.

Registered User
2024-03-13 08:46:45

Well, maybe it's not Zoo. Though it looks a lot like him. Same stupid manner of writing multiple messages in the same topic.

Prove me wrong, share the binding you've made.

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