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CopperCube 6.6 VR Setup 2024

Registered User
2024-01-13 22:58:37

Although the former Oculus Rift support seems to be dead, 3D Virtual Reality with CopperCube 6.6 + smartphone VR headset is still alive & lots of fun in 2024! -> Template project with VR behavior extension & instructions available on


P.S.: I had to spend some money for hardware & apps, it also took me some nights for testing. So this is a paid template for now, sorry. But I will do my best to give support for this project here at the forum.

Registered User
2024-01-14 00:13:29

Great job! Hopefully you can make a custom controller for the VR template like a bluetooth gamepad setup for the VR.

Registered User
2024-01-14 02:29:05

Holy mother of God...!

Registered User
2024-01-14 11:41:44


Excuse me, but VR via smartphone sucks ( pardon the scurrilous term ).
For those trying VR for the first time it is very inadvisable ( this is my opinion ) to use smatphone for VR you lose all the interrativity that MetQuest or Steam viewer or other viewers give you.
Sorry you spent money on a good smartphon, don't take this criticism personally.

Registered User
2024-01-14 12:17:53

Thanks guys for your comments.

@serge, you can already have what you are asking for by using some software keyboard/joypad mapper or by using a compact bluetooth or 2.4 GHz handheld mouse-keyboard device

@pmax I understand what you mean. You are also right, of course compared to professional VR systems like Meta Quest 2/3, Pico 4, Valve Index, HTC Vive, etc. simple Phone VR can not keep up with VR experience quality.

But Phone VR still has a lot to offer:

- feel right in the middle of a 3D scene
(Have you ever walked through the apartment of CopperCube's simple FPS demo and read the magazine on the bed with a tangible 3D feeling?)

- Phone VR headsets are available for little money, don't spend hundreds of dollars on a headset just to have some virtual reality fun occasionally

- no expensive extra Gaming PC needed

- most people already own a compatible smartphone anyway

- no Apple, no Microsoft, no Meta, no Pico, no Steam, no Google Playstore account required (yes you can get "USB camera" app as apk even without Playstore)

- no driver problems like you can often experience with Steam VR, Tridef, Trinus, VorpX, Riftcat, Virtual Desktop. etc. that can easily take you long minutes to hours sometimes just to get your sophisticated VR gear running

- THE BEST: with CopperCube VR you can built your own VR worlds & games without much effort, how easy can you build tailored VR content for Meta Quest & Co. (Unreal, Unity, Godot ...)?

- CopperCube VR does work with LINUX: tell me about any modern VR system that can easily run with LINUX

- Phone VR mainly has a bad reputation because there is hardly any quality content. Many Android Phone VR apps are cheap crap. But with CopperCube VR you can finally change this by being able to easily create much better content

- last but not least, I think you can even get those expensive VR headsets to also work with CopperCube VR 3D SBS

Registered User
2024-01-14 14:27:44

I have to agree with hadoken. Phone VR have some issues that the dedicated VR headsets might not have, but something is better than nothing. I myself have a couple of these phone vr headsets, and I like them. For those of you here that might be looking for one, I recomend Temu, they have one of the best selections of phone vr headsets at good cheap prices:

Registered User
2024-01-14 23:09:16

LATEST NEWS 2023-01-14:

Tested & confirmed: CopperCube VR EXE projects can now run as Standalone Phone VR Setup without any cable connection and without any PC needed if you run your EXE directly on your smartphone with the help of Winlator app v3.2 installed on your Android device. You can use a Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz Wireless Game Controller with custom button/keyboard bindings easily set to be used with Winlator Input Controls. That means you can use CopperCube VR even without HDMI cable & without HDMI to USB capture device. (OTG adapter may still be needed for 2.4 GHz controller dongle.)

!!! Amazing !!!

2024-01-15 18:17:49

Um guys, this has a limitation because it requires a cable.

check out that turns any 3D application into a VR view from your PC without cables.

It is cheap, has a quick setup unlike this version and the launcher can be packaged with your game...It is up to the user to purchase the license or not.

I bought this from hadoken and while it is technically impressive, It is incredibly limited in comparison to

Also, vorpx does the same job and is super cheap.

Furthermore, Meta Quest 3 allows users to play retro VR games in Full VR without modification, it is just a bit of configuration.

Other New gen headsets do the same thing.

I would suggest that the real contribution here was the discovery of the air mouse controller...That is really cool...

When creating your games you can pacakge a link to amazon for that controller because it is super cheap and works effectively.

2024-01-15 18:19:43

Also riftcat & vorpx does not require the double processing of the splitscreen...

This means that CC6 will run faster, meanig bigger levels and more detail...

This tech has come out a couple of years to late in my oppinion

Registered User
2024-01-15 22:55:26

"Um guys, this has a limitation because it requires a cable."

-> No it does not as you may have read my last post:

" ... CopperCube VR EXE projects can now run as Standalone Phone VR Setup without any cable connection and without any PC needed if you run your EXE directly on your smartphone with the help of Winlator app ... "

Registered User
2024-01-15 23:16:28

@Guest, thanks for the purchase plus you are right. CopperCube VR should have already been more promoted and developed a long time ago. But I haven't seen any serious VR solutions for CopperCube in the community. So better to have some options on the table now than never, don't you think?

Riftcat, Vorpx, Tridef, Trinus, Virtual Desktop, Moonlight, etc. depend on a powerful low latency WiFi setup & work with image compression, while my HDMI to USB cable method or my standalone Winlator method (without cable) don't need any WiFi transmission at all & provide a true native image display.

My approaches work on Windows & Linux and without unnecessary additional software layers with user account requirement, nagging DRM, data theft & driver dependency hell.

"Meta Quest 3 allows users to play retro VR games in Full VR"

-> sounds like done on a big VR flatscreen, that's not immersive 3D VR - besides did I mention that my CopperCube VR template doesn't require a 500+ dollar Quest 3 not everybody may be able to afford?

We are talking about some neat hobby solution to get some 3D stereoscopic VR fun out of CopperCube the small indie niche game engine from yesterday, if you really would like to play major Pro VR systems comparison, Unreal or Unity should be addressed - so I don't understand the fuss.

2024-01-16 00:48:34

(1) Meta Quest does not do flatscreen and all VR devices coming up with do retro PC VR. True Vr
(2) Nobody is going to buy a game and then install an emulator
(3) I have tried Vorp X and Riftcat on dozens of PC's and a 5 year old phone. It works perfectly.

2024-01-16 00:50:03

Riftcat which works specifically for Google Cardboard just requires standard bluetooth

2024-01-16 02:24:13

Thanks for sharing @hadoken, although am not that much into VR myself, I recommend people to try your extension for VR games :)

2024-01-31 15:57:29

Hadoken thanks for all behavior.

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