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I Made A Sprite Editor That Supports CopperCube

Registered User
2023-11-30 15:35:24

so basically i made this tool to aid you needs for creating 2d games in coppercube
heres a screenshot of the program

please purchase it if you like

Registered User
2023-11-30 20:01:22

What kind of features does it have that neither Gimp nor Inkscape have ?

I think you can get some sales in the Microsoft Store, where users will buy anything, although not in large amounts. I don't think Itchio is good for selling software (or games).

Registered User
2023-11-30 20:12:52

It's simple and easy to use. Non of Inkscape or gimp have that feature

Registered User
2023-11-30 22:47:34

My friend, if you are running after money, I give you a tip, fix notebooks, with two options, 1. Cheaper : I make it faster and remove viruses and install apps, 2. More expensive : I Install Windows. Make sure these notebooks will have at least Windows 7 onwards. Dont touch old junk, have a pen drive with all the necessary programs inside and also to back up the client's files if necessary. Notebooks are easy to take with you to your house and have wifi, PCs don't, also don't forget to ask for the user password, here's my tip.

Now, as I've already worked with an app developer, helping to promote products and giving feedback and betatesting, he even made raster image editor software, I'll give you my opinion about yours just by looking at the screenshot :

- There is a lot of redundancy on the screen in relation to tools.
- Unify the shapes into a single button/tool, where the user can select them, take the MS Paint as example, it's more intuitive and simpler this way. Also why a dropdown menu and and list to select the same tool ? This is redundancy.
- Option to disable the bars/windows as the bar on the left and bottom are taking up a lot of space on the screen.
- Make it possible to place the bars/windows on the right side or wherever the user want.
- Place a zoom controller with a dropdown button/menu and a slider in the status bar, similar to MS Paint.
- The opened file box at top have the close button close to the program close button (if you understand).
- These hearts next to the software name look g4y. Also there is the software name appearing 3 times, this is not necessary (redundant). The software symbol in the middle of the toolbar makes no sense.
- Like all your tools published on Itchio, it has almost no specific information and very few screenshots, it should have at least 3 or 4 screenshots (maybe even a video) and also more detailed information, such as which file types it supports importing and exporting, types of brushes, etc.
- Saying "That support CopperCube" seems vague or silly, not necessarily malicious, but its not the real truth, CC does not have a special image/texture file format.
- The price is crazy, it should be at least 1 or 2 dollars, but maybe a good soul here the forum would buy at nearly 20 dollars to support you, I myself dont buy anything virtual anymore, or I use what is free or an "boat" version if you understand.

Now more positive things:

- The app is very beautiful.
- It seems to be very easy, direct and intuitive to use.
- The file is less than 1mb, maybe its fast.

Maybe if it support export to .dds file format, I could say too add generating normalmap and heightmap via noises, would be useful, but these things are raster oriented. Go to Reddit, how much sales do you think you will have here ? I already told you that, like about the decompiler you created, some user said and I found it very funny that "maybe the 10 people who actually use CopperCube... would be annoyed or find it useful" or something like that.

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