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Registered User
2023-11-28 00:20:48

Hello devs!

I developed this simple flight simulator!

The focus of this simulator is accessibility, that is, it is extremely accessible and easy to fly planes, the main objective of this project is to deliver the feeling of flying a plane in a flight simulator with ease, with retro graphics from the 2000s and demanding modest hardware for its execution!

This game has the spirit of Microsoft's old flight simulators, with flight dynamics made using vectors (much more simplified and arcade) and older graphics.

Basically, it is possible to fly freely through the scenes to relax or there is also the option of the mini game to collect rings around the scene, needing to refuel the plane so as not to run out of fuel!

Thank you very much!





2023-11-29 00:27:55

Very good controls and good game

Registered User
2023-11-29 08:27:18

Hi andgameplay,
That's really nice idea, and clean visuals.

For some reason, for me personally the must existing part of playing flight simulators is taking off. The whole process how a plane stays on the ground, than speeds up and finally takes off feels really satisfying. First "sort-of-flight-simulator" I played was F-22: Interceptor on mega drive, and it somehow was managed to capture that feeling. I later get a cartridge with Mig-29 and I remember how disappointed I was because taking off there was executed much poorer, even though overall it was a much superior game with better gameplay, visuals and sound design. So, I believe, you're missing a lot without having the whole take off process in your game.

Another thing is sound design. I now that it's extremely hard to do something with sound in CopperCube, but I believe, it would be beneficial to at least add some environment sounds like air/wind sound. Currently, it feels a bit like you fly in a vacuum.

Also metropolis looks much less detailed than over areas to me. It would be also cool if areas could be a bit larger.

Overall, thank you for posting the game, it's quite fun.

Registered User
2023-11-29 13:29:19

Thanks guest and okeoke!

Yes okeoke, is a good idea your suggestions, I'm thinking do a second version of this game in the future, I will note your suggestions, I want improve the game and I know how to do this.

I will try to add a throtle to control the speed and add the feature to take off and land, I think is not hard to add this.

In the past I made another flight simulator with this feature, with option to take off and land in airports, but still not so realistic:

In the island I used photogrammetric and in the other maps I made myself, because this the difference in quality lol I will try improve the scenario quality and a bigger size!

I love play Flight simulator, I have a lot odd addons and aircrafts!

Thansk a lot to play!

2023-11-29 16:15:20

Just played it, and I liked it but enjoyed the previous simulator much more, you did in the past, I myself also like flying planes in games and my cousin is a huge fan of these flight simulation games, He still plays this android game called Extreme Landings I always wanted to recreate that game in CC, but never got enough time.

Maybe you can get an idea or reference for the controls when you do a new version of your flight simulator by checking out already available games in the market.

I mean right now the plane flies at a constant speed and, having more control over the plane will definitely enhance the gameplay.

Registered User
2023-11-30 15:18:50

Thanks for play Just_in_case!

Yes, the previous simulator I added more features and control in the plane, this time I tried to develop something more simple and acessible, extremily easy to fly.

But you are right, to be a good fly simulator, need more features how control in speed, control in gears, possibility to take off and land, I'm want to do a new version of Easy flight and I want to do this, with progressive speed, missions to reach airports and a bigger map with more detail! :)

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