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CopperCube Decompiler Version 2, now supports Android and MacOS plus a new interface

Registered User
2023-11-24 21:31:26

heres version 2 of my decompiler with alot of changes
i added macos and android support (web coming soon)

i also think about making it public so people who lost their projects or want to learn from others people projects use it

but heres the showcase of the program

tell me what do you think about it

2023-11-24 21:43:27

Thanks for the update @hanicraft. Now that everyone knows of its existence I would vote to publish the tool so we could check what it can do.

2023-11-25 11:24:50

and here he goes to ruin the whole engine, by making it public like he is literally going to put a price tag for it, and will simply allow you to steal other stuff, he is not doing good than harming the community. Now all praise to Hanicraft so that we can simply steal projects of other users, all their models animations, and all in just one single click.

hurrah..... and moderators are sleeping.... Cheers

2023-11-25 11:30:12

@guest who wanted to vote to make it public, sometimes things are better if they are not made available to the public, even if they exist. So existence of something doesn't mean they should be made available public.

There are many things in this world that do exist but are not available to the public, for example, GOD, most humans believe in his existence, does that mean he should be now visible publicly?
Air , everybody know that air exist, but can you imagine if it was made visible to public, if it was then we would not be able to see anything even if air is semitransparent, it will block our vision to see anything else.

Sometime things are better if they remain invisible and inaccessible to public.

2023-11-25 11:33:07

btw, for Android, everybody knows that if you open the APK file with Winrar or 7 zip then you can simply go to the assets folder, and get the def.ccb file, so there is no need to pay @hanicraft for that stuff, and nobody uses CC inbuilt apk method to create android apps.

2023-11-25 14:21:26

In view of the current situation, I would also rather not assume a full conviction of such tools available to the public. Better have such things not in the dark for single users doing hidden dirty work with but have it open on the table so everyone should be informed about its threads and also helpful capabilities and thus can decide how to deal with it.

I don't know if people just dot it for appreciation, but the announced development skills bear some responsibility. Therefore I like it more to be informed about such "nuclear power of CopperCube game making" at the forum than only encounter some "bad radiation" in the shadows to learn about the power's existence.

I already did know that in the software world really nothing can be fully protected from malicious access. But at least I thought the threshold would be a bit higher - which unfortunately is not the case for CopperCube. On the one hand thinking of some positive rescue scenario cases but on the other hand I'm actually really shocked that compiled CopperCube exe projects do expose their insides that easily.

And as we have seen lately you don't even need special hacking tools to gain human readable data, a text editor is just enough for plain JavaScript, shader language and path strings to be quickly found in your games exe files.

So CopperCube obviously has some serious design flaws the creator should care about to fix it and improve the situation. The whole issue would probably have never come to the agenda if users like @hanicraft or @SamGrady would not have posted about it.

As a result if the developer were to take another look at his product for further development, that would be a rather good thing though he might not necessarily be forced to do anything at all. But in the later case it is now at least a good thing to have the users informed about the vital situation of the engine.

In case of commercial ambitions my heartfelt regrets to all who have been working on their projects for maybe months or years, who may have invested time and money and now have to deal with extra strategies and efforts to secure their ideas in addition to the in some cases already huge amount of project work. The illusion that this engine as product offers at least some basic protection is over. You can leave or take the challenge.

Registered User
2023-11-25 23:33:43

everyone, i sent @niko an email about the tool, if he says publish it, i will publish it, if he says dont i wont.

Registered User
2023-11-26 03:09:36

everyone, i sent @niko an email about the tool, if he says publish it, i will publish it, if he says dont i wont.

Seems like a prudent move. Then, again, if he stands nothing to lose from it... he may say "Publish it" anyways. Developers using CopperCube are the ones that stand to lose something. If it's a tool to learn from, then I think it's ok. But if people start abusing it, then fingers will keep pointing at you, saying, "If you hadn't released it, this wouldn't have happened." You may stand to lose more than you gain, in releasing it, even if given the ok by Nico. The "legal" choice is not always the moral choice and the "moral" choice is not always the legal choice. It can be a tough row to hoe, making that decision.

"And the bed we make, is the one we ultimately must sleep in."

2023-11-26 07:22:18

Well, legally and technically you can do whatever you want to do with your tool, you created it you can publish it to the public if you want or whatever, but we should look at the consequences as well, Coppercube is not a big community and not that many professional develeopers uses this tool.

You are not the only one who can decompile it there are others as well.
I can decompile the exe too, and the developer himself as well , and if people are experiencing issues with their project like corruption or other stuff, they can contact us and we only tries to help them getting their issue fixed.

I don't use coppercube to create games, so stuff that the game files contain is of no use to me, and I don't prefer to create stuff that already exist in the community (extension/plugins) unless there is an improvement needed in it, so everybody knows that I don't do dark stuff, i mean there are so many extensions if I had to do stuff like those then I could have done them already by decompilimg stuff or reading through text editor, I only do my own stuff, I don't take it as competition.

that's the part where I come clean, but I don't know what other people will use it for, or what their intentions will be for the tool.

As the community is small and people are already not using the engine at all for serious game making, releasing it for the public will surely make them think twice if they have any second thoughts for using the engine, that might just make the engine goes in abandonware.

The reason why I didn't released my decompiler to the public all these years, because of my ethics and my love for this engine simply doesn't allow me to release it. There are few user like @victor, @niven, @rolevix, @wilfree and many more who are constantly creating games with this engine. The numbers of developers who constantly tries to create and push games is not that high but atleast people are using it, I don't want that people abandon using CopperCube. It's an outdated but very powerul and lovely engine.

I am not sure what will be the answer of @niko, but you created the tool, you are free to release it in public it's your choice, but please do think about the consequences or impact it will have on the developers and on the health of the engine and it's community. It won't profit you in releasing it but might definitely harm other developers if you do so.

Anyways it's your tool your choice.

Registered User
2023-11-26 17:10:36

This kind of stuff is cool ..
Probably we all have stuff like this made (even i had period when i made stuff like this) "people who know programming and have knowledge of computers"

But some stuff is better to keep for yourself.. so no damage will be caused to other people.
You can use this tool to help people.. or to make life easier for the people who just want to use it not in good way.

Personally i dont think this tool will affect Coppercube users too much .. but with respect to Coppercube me myself never post stuff like this to public.

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