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Every few seconds> clone // bug, stops working after a while

Registered User
2023-11-24 16:11:34

Hi guys, in some projects I use:

Every few seconds do something> clone a scene node> set random in area the clones

Everything works great, but sometimes a bug occurs and cloning stops!

This bug has happened several times in my projects!

Is this really a bug? Is there any known reason and solution?

Thank you very much!

2023-11-24 19:25:41

Yes, there appear to be quite a few factors that can affect "every few seconds". Can you share the project file? If not, some things that I think can affect it are:

If you use "every few seconds":

Before first draw
Do not place an "every few seconds" in the "on first draw".
Do not use fade screen plugin if you've used every few seconds in your scene.
Do not use the animate scale plugin (you need to comment out one of the lines to stop the every few seconds problem). (search the forum for animate scale comment out line).

Using folders sometimes screws up the "every few seconds" (and a few other things such as "position", "rotation", "scale" "on proximity" etc.

To me, it appears that adding many folders seems to confuse Coppercube until it eventually breaks. Either don't use folder at all (I've stopped using them entirely now) - or at least remove the "every few seconds" from the folders and place them in a root node instead.

Never use folders as a child to any other node (or as a child to any other folder) - this definitely seems to screw up - especially if you've attached "every few seconds to the folder node or any children inside the folder.

I've encountered this same problem often but I've never been able to pinpoint the solution properly. It also seems to just pop up from nowhere - everything will be fine but the more you add to the game, eventually the problem will appear - then you'll struggle to get rid of it. i suspect there are either several causes or a combination of various factor which eventually trigger it - but no other users seem to encounter it as a problem at all - so maybe it's a system-specific problem.

I usually encounter the problem after the project is quite large, but sometimes it happens almost straight away. It's quite frustrating and often requires a redesign of the entire scene-graph. I'm struggling with Saboteur at the moment for the exact same reason - stuff that was working all of a sudden stops working with no apparent reason.

I hope you can fix it - if you do, please post a solution - try the suggestions above first and hopefully it helps - if you really get stuck, please post the project file and I'll try to fix it using the above checkpoints and I'm sure someone will eventually get to the root of the problem.

2023-11-24 19:37:57

One last thing I though of is: if you've dragged-and-dropped a node in the scene-graph (or if you've renamed a node or folder), just double check the actions inside as sometimesit resets to default and you have to manually retarget the actions.

EG: If you say: every few seconds, shoot, from "node_a". If you move it or rname the root node, sometimes when you check,it's changed to: every few seconds, shoot from "default camera". So it's a simple fix but you'd have to check every single action. lol

Same thing happens with "on proximity events" and a few other actions too. They sometimes change target when childed or foldered or renamed - so then your clones wont work.

It's kinda the same example if you rename the scene, it will affect restart scene - it will not respect /update the name-change so anything using the old name will not work, you need to manually update the change in every action to fix it.

Registered User
2023-11-25 13:22:51

Hi VP, thanks so much for helping!

Sure, I will try the solutions you said, with not works, I share with you my project!

This bug happened to me many times, a solution that sometimes works, is to repetead the action, in one project, I made the action "every few seconds>clone" I made three times with diferent "intervalIMS", sometimes it works!

I like to use many folders in the project, maybe this is causing the problem and I like the plugin "fade the whole screen", I will try to change this!

Thanks the support VP, I will post the solution if I find! :)

Registered User
2023-11-25 15:09:22

Hi VP! I found the solution!

You are right! I'm creating a flight simulator game, I created folders for each aircraft and inside the each folder have the script "every few seconds"

Solution: the clones works well only when a delete the scripts "every few seconds" inside the aircrafts folders!

I will change some things in game and do some adptations to work well!

Again thanks a lot for the support!

Just a idea, Here in the forum we could create a topic just about the "known engine bugs/solutions" A list collections of all know bugs of coppercube and ways the solutions, Just in Case could add a topic about this in his site or Niko could add in the documentation, It's would save a lot of time!

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