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Using external fonts - additional CSS styles required?

Registered User
2023-11-20 16:13:16

On various sources in the internet I found that additionally to the download link in the header of the page, e.g.
<link rel="stylesheet"
also additional CSS styles should be entered, e.g.
 font-family: 'Sofia', 'sans-serif'; 
However, to my experience, it seems to be enough to have just the download link in the header of the page. Here is a test rcd I made, and the ad-hoc loaded fonts work with and without entering additional CSS styles, meaning: If I delete the additional CSS styles, close the rcd and my browser, clear the browser cache, then re-open the rcd and click Preview, the external fonts will still work. I guess that's because I have assigned font face and style in the RC editor(?).

So am I right in doing without entering additional CSS styles? Or should I better continue entering additional CCS styles?

2023-11-21 08:04:12

Yes, should work. That just defined a font family named "Sofia" and loads the font file from the google server. No need to additional css style.

You can then just enter the font name "Sofia" it in the font family box in RocketCake, without thinking about anything else.

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