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Saboteur remake (2D platformer)

2023-11-23 14:06:45

@VP, just posted the update on, along with the updated demo file. You can now climb Ladders, with W, S UP, or DOWN arrow keys.

You can also glide in mid-air by pressing G.

There is a toggle to switch between ClimbHold mode. ClimbHold allows you to let the player remain stuck to the ladder when you release the climbing keys, otherwise, let him fall down.

You can specify a ClimbHold Friction, and adjust it if you want your player to automatically go upward or downward when stuck to the ladder. It is affected by the total gravity of the scene.

You need to put all your ladders into a folder, and the ladders need an endpoint as a child attached at the top of the ladder, see how it is set in the template demo.

There is no more fall and jump loop when the player collides with a wall.

The player switches to the idle animation automatically when collides with the wall and when we try to move.

Climb and Climbhold animations have been added.

There are many more bug fixes and other stuff.

There are a few bugs as well for now, I will work them out and will also improve the collision detection for the player a bit more, I already have a plan for it.

Some known bugs are when holding forward and backward keys and upon releasing them player does the smooth movement as they are done on releasing the key, this bug won't occur if you have a smooth speed set to 0.

the player won't play jump animation when you try to jump staying in front of the ladder when the ClimbHold mode is on, it works just fine if you are not using the climbHold mode.

Chances are high that I missed adding some stuff for the X-forward direction, so if you find something that's working in the template demo but is not working for you then let me know and I will fix it. I will still be going to recheck if I have missed adding things to the X-forward environment or not.

I am going to further update it for some more days, adding more stuff to it. So that at least it will be a much better extension for game developers.

Wish if there were ways to have enums in editor, so that we can hide some stuff and only show them when the boolean is checked or something like that. Adding more and more properties break the minimalism of the extension.

Hopefully you will like the update, and will use it in your game :)

Download the updated extension from the page.

Registered User
2023-11-23 14:26:36

Oh man, you're a star!

Thank you so much for this Just_In_Case.

I'll be sure to make a donation again when I'm paid. Really appreciate your work with this. I'll download it now. Can't wait.

Thanks a million! Super-Happy.

Registered User
2023-11-23 14:31:45

...OMFG, it looks fantastic! Thank you.

Registered User
2023-11-23 16:47:30

The game is amazing!

Registered User
2023-11-24 06:39:46

And here's another little Ren & Stimpy "Happy, happy! Joy, joy!" moment for you... a piece of music I just composed tonight! I think it could work, but won't know if it really does "work" (fits the atmosphere of the game) until you insert it and play the game with it. Let me know!

The leadup (beginning of the song) would fit when the Saboteur appears from offscreen on the raft and lands at the dock.

Registered User
2023-11-24 09:48:04

I'll put in my vote... after listening to it while playing a bit, I think it's good music for the game... :-D

Registered User
2023-11-24 09:54:59

nice tune luposion!

2023-11-24 12:54:26

Boom! That music's really awesome Luposian. I'll throw it in the game asap. Thanks for that.

By the way I tried to donate to your account a while back but the payments wouldn't process. I'll try again today for you.

Thank you!

Registered User
2023-11-24 16:12:17

Thank you and_game_play! Sorry for the late reply.

Really glad you like it so far.

I'm gonna try to stop commenting for a while (if I can) because I feel like I'm steeling too much attention from better projects than mine. I'll keep working on it and the ideas people have mentioned and will post an update in the future, after when there's been a lot more development with the game.

Latest update has 1 working Sentry cannon, 1 working dog and now includes Luposian's music and a switch-box I made to disable the first cannon.

If anyone is keen on following this project, please keep checking the page, I usually update it at least a few times every day and will post a time-stamp on the page so you can see if anyhting has changed..

Thanks everyone!

Registered User
2023-11-25 01:55:38

VP wrote:
Boom! That music's really awesome Luposian. I'll throw it in the game asap. Thanks for that.

By the way I tried to donate to your account a while back but the payments wouldn't process. I'll try again today for you.

Thank you!

If you have a PayPal account, you can send any funds you like to my Email address:

Thanks for the appreciation!

Registered User
2023-11-25 02:23:47

Just a few observations...

1) The music is so quiet, I can barely hear it. The other sound effects are the same volume as before, so I know the music volume was deliberately lowered. Unless the music drowns out the other sound effects (voices, dog, gun, etc.), I usually keep it at 100%.

2) The dog's walking animation is really nice, except that when he turns, he goes flat (facing the player) and then part of him disappears momentarily. You're either going to have to find a turning animation or just make it so that his animation (walk/run) just flips from left to right, with no forward facing frame.

3) The Saboteur should be able to walk up/down steps automatically, when he comes to them, provided there is a "stepping" animation to the asset. Having to jump up sets of steps just seems weird.

4) When he comes to ladders, he shouldn't immediately go into the climb stance (which often puts him in the air!), you should have to hit W (up) or S (down) when you are directly over/under a ladder. That way, he doesn't climb up or down the ladder at a weird offset position, which no normal human could ever do without falling off. (grin)

So far, so good! Keep up the good work!

2023-11-25 10:30:50

Sorry a bit late for response, but you should not stop posting updates to the thread, this is a really interesting projects and quite unique in itself, its a hybrid project that gives the vibes of old 8bit retro games with the modern visuals touch as well.

a few things I would like to adress is, it feels a bit buggy or unpolished at the moment, I can understand that this is currently in its early stages of development.

Things you need to fix already mentioned by @luposian

Player should not automatically switch to climb animation when getting in near to the ladders.

Sentry sound is bad, either make it shoot the bullets constantly or make it play the sound for single shoot according to the bullet.

Create a GUI for playing the game, like huds and all, a minimap I think is really necessary that will point the locations of ladders and other items, it's quite easy to get lost in the game when you fall from a long ladder and then you don't know where you were before and on which floor you wanted to go. So a minimap is required maybe add some marking for the floor numbers.

Sometimes the player goes behind things in the scene, that needs to be fixed too, I am not sure what can be reason for that but it does go behind the rubbles but for some rubbles it stays in front.

Other than that, I didn't find any major issues, I also don't quite like the jump animation but that's personal preference.

keep posting updates to it.

2023-11-26 06:43:13

@VP, glad that ypu lile the update, I missed a bit of code for x-forward development, I am a bit busy lately, whenever I get time I will push kore updates to it.
I also had an idea to make clutter out complicated stuff, and let the user has clean and minimalistic extension with the properties that he wants or intend to use in his game, actually its a very old implementation I did, if I am not wrong with my memory, I did it to have actions with custom name and all that stuff, I am not sure if the idea will work with whatever going in my mind but it worked for some things in the past so it should work this time as well.

I will be creating more 2D related extensions that will ease out other issues and make 2D stuff a lot easier.

2023-11-26 19:15:54

That sounds great idea Just_in_case a modular approach is really cool idea. I've been paid now so I'll be making a donation tomorrow.

The latest plugin does work really well in the provided demo - super smooth, love it! The only issues I encountered were when I incorporated into the Saboteur game - the collision was being triggered too early for my character. Basically, the character is hitting the wall and ladder-tops far too early.

How do I adjust the code for the collision radius/box please? I tried to find it but couldn't. Is it still the "max-height" value, or something else for side collision?

The only other issue is that the climb-down animation is the same as the climbup animation (instead of either being reversed or using a separate climb-down animation slot) - not sure if that was implemented yet or not, but at the moment, (he) plays the climbup animation when going up or down the ladder.

Other than that, it will be really good. Nice work, really impressive.

One other welcome addition would be an extra animation slot for die/death animation - but obviously don't stress about it at all - as a huge amount of work has gone in to the plugin already.

It is much appreciated.

Registered User
2023-11-26 19:49:52

@Luposian. Thanks for the feedback.

1) The music is so quiet, I can barely hear it.
-Yes, I normalised the volume so it doesn't drown the other sounds but don't worry, I will widen the stereo channel so I can increase the volume slightly.

2) The dog animation goes flat (facing the player) and partially disappears.
- This is because I used A.i instead of path movement - I'll fix this with my "special child" plugin.

3) The Saboteur should be able to walk up/down steps automatically.
-This is due to collision and will probably be fixed by the new controller - if not, I'll adjust the geometry of the collision-map to have slopes in stead of steps so he will climb steps automatically (although, he may also accidentally slide back down the slope - I'll have to wait and see when it's updated.

4) When he comes to ladders, he shouldn't immediately go into the climb stance.
-This should probably be addressed by the new controller - I had made my own non-code ladder-climb up/down events but the new controller has a built-in ladder event - I just need to implement it.

@Guest - thanks for the feedback and the encouragement, much appreciated.

Sentry sound is bad, either shoot constantly or play sound for single shoot.
-Thanks - fixed.

Create a GUI including HUD and minimap.
-HUD is currently in development. Minimap is a really good idea, I'll try to add a simple map and locator-dots.

Sometimes the player goes behind the rubble but for some rubble stays in front.
-Yes, I deliberately placed some rubble (and some sea-weed) in the foreground and some in the background. I may change this. I do need to fix it so the player never goes behind the ladders.

I also don't quite like the jump animation but that's personal preference.
-Yeah, it's not great. I will probably change it in the future.

Thanks everyone for the feedback, I'll definitely work on these ideas and post an update when they are completed.

When I've got one character, one switch, one ladder, one sentry-gun, one pickup and one dog working perfectly, the rest of he development should be very quick and easy. I can then use it as a template to make other 2D games really quickly/easily.

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